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Welcome to Abyss 75

Updated: Jun 11

On this historic day, we here at Abyss 75, proudly launch this new website dedicated to brining you news updates, articles, interviews, and more, entirely dedicated to independent musicians, singers, and bands, and of course the music that they make...

As a musician myself, I truly do understand what it is like to put so much effort into your craft, from learning to play your instrument, to writing songs, and then eventually recoding and producing them... It truly is a labor of love, and there is nothing worse than creating music that is so important to you only to have no body listen. Well unfortunately that is the reality that the vast majority of musicians face.

We here at Abyss 75 may not be able to change that, but we can certainly do everything within our power to help the cause of as many awesome musicians as we possibly can. That is why we will be interviewing artists from around the world, of multiple genres, promoting them, and brining you updates as much as we can.

But in order for us to be able to do that we are going to need as many readers and listeners as we can possibly get. So if you have a deep appreciation of independent or underground music, please help the cause and read, like, and share our articles, go give a listen to the artists that we write about, become an active fan as opposed to a passive listener, and help us make a difference in the music industry, and carve out a better place for the Independents, who also deserve to be heard... Don't let the BIG LABELS force feed you garbage anymore. FIND YOUR NEW FAVORITE BAND TODAY!!!

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