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Valencia James - All The Waves

Updated: Jun 11

Written by, Harrison Wood, Peter James, Valencia James

Produced by, Harrison Wood

If there was one message that I could deliver to as many people in the world as possible, it would be how many wonderful artists are out there. That the mainstream big record labels are not the only ones who have talented artists to offer the public for consumption. "Valencia James," is an excellent example of this point. Here I am presented with a polished professional sound, and a stunning performance that is easily on par or superior to the vast majority of what one might find in the mainstream.

"All The Waves," is such a magnificent accomplishment of musical expression. It has every thing that one would look for in a mainstream billboard top 100 hit. We start the song with a simple solo vocal, "When the hard time try to drown us," only to be met by a strong percussive element, and beautifully soft, mildly muted piano chords mid sentence. We are quickly brought into the chorus where the arrangement opens up nicely into an abundant and wide production. I do also love the reverse reverb strings that bring us into the first chorus, to an intense affect, truly showcasing how important small elements in a production can really help to make a song into an experience. This also makes for a nice drop.

The song seems to depict a couple who are deep in the throes of love, using each others strength to stand defiantly against anything that would try to destroy what they have built together, or that would try to dismantle their love for each other. The expressive tone of Valencia's voice does well to drive these feeling home, especially in the choruses where the intensity of the song pick up. Valencia's gives a superb performance throughout the whole song. Her vocals goes from sounding timid and vulnerable, to strong and courageous, all the while seeming absolutely believable and authentic. I particularly enjoyed the final chorus after the breakdown, due to tension created by coming into the chorus much more gently than the first two, and finishing harder than any previous chorus in the song, helping to carry out a nice climactic finish.

Overall, a gorgeous song, from a talented performer. One that is worth taking a little time out of your day to enjoy for sure, and one that stands shoulder to shoulder with anything you would ever hear topping the charts.

Rating 4.2 / 5

As always PLEASE DO NOT TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT, check out this amazing artist for yourself by clicking on the links below, and be sure to follow "Valencia James" on social media to stay up to date.

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