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The Circus is Coming to Town, Arimea

Updated: May 11

Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, prepare yourselves for an entertaining spectacle like no other. Please direct your attention to the middle arena of our 666 ring Circus, as we proudly present to you "Arimea,"

Okay, so that was a bit of a dramatic opening, but well worth it for this totally sick alternative metal band from the UK. I was extremely lucky to be chosen to get an early viewing of the music video for their up-and-coming single "Circus," to be released Friday November 13th, which was an absolute honor.

I think first and foremost I would like to start by talking about the song itself. So we open with a quick tom fill and then boom, straight to it, and this song hits hard right of the bat. You are immediately smashed in the face with big fat crunchy guitars (Tom Cooper), and a booming bass (Luke Coppuck), playing a seriously sick riff! The drums (Ricky Stedman) are on point and make a sturdy foundation for an utterly bounteous bombardment of metal.

I am instantly getting the vibe of a modern metal masterpiece, but with a bit of a progressive feel as well. I love the aggressive tonality of the guitars, as they are the main focal point of this song with perhaps the exception of the vocals provided by "Whitney Cooper," which are strikingly powerful and are dispatched with an intensity suitable for a battle cry amid the apocalypses. The energy stays intense even when we get to the less full sections and the breakdown, where we are greeted with an excellent guitar solo from "Tom Cooper". There really are no flaws in the song writing, and as I have mentioned before in a previous article, I listen to songs on repeat while I write about them, and on listen ten or so, I am still very much grooving hard on this song! This is the type of song that will hype you up on a band, and leave you looking forward to the next bit of sonic elation to be released by them.

Production of the song is also extremely solid, the only thing it leaves me wanting for is the vocals to be boosted ever so slightly, but the overall balance of the mix is exceptional. It has a nice wide stereo width, big bottom end, and just the right amount of the upper mids and highs to create some great definition. The song also does an excellent job of creating a wonderful sort of tension, like the feeling of slowly losing your mind and allowing insanity to slip in ever so comfortably. This song is an absolute heavy metal accolade.

Now in all of my excitement, I almost forgot to discuss the music video. For starters, the production quality is of a professional tier for sure, and does a great job of capturing the bands stage presence which seems very strong to say the least. We are treated to an image of the band on stage with lead singer "Whitney Cooper" dawning the role of Ring Mistress whilst the rest of the band surrounds her playing hard to the metal gods. The video itself seems to stay with a basic story about finding acceptance, but I don't want to ruin the specifics as the video and song will both be released on Friday Nov 13th. Just let me tell you that it was a very impressive video and will be well worth the wait.

In summary, an awesome band, and an amazing song and video to boot.

Rating 4.8 / 5

But as always DO NOT TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT!!! Please use the links below to listen for yourself, and follow the band on social media to stay up to date.

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