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Talkin "KissKissKill," With Mickey Moran XXK

Updated: May 11

I have been fortunate enough to find a lot of great independent bands online thanks to music apps like Spotify, and I have been even more fortunate to make the acquaintance of some through social media. One such band is an extremely high energy rock band from Yorkshire, "KissKissKill," (XXK)... or more specifically, guitarist "Mickey Moran." I had the opportunity one late night to chat it up with Mickey and get to know a little more about "XXK"

"So my first question is can you tell us a little of the backstory behind KissKissKill?... How was the band formed, and maybe tell me a little bit about your musical Journey?"

"The idea of XXK started years ago after the fizzing out of an old band.  We had a Male lead and wanted to try something different and bringing a lady in front would change things up and offer a refreshing new way of writing music."

"We actually spent a couple of years trying out singers on and off until an extra hobby of mine (theatre) led me to meet Gemma.  I directed her in a show called, "Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens," and thought she had a great look, voice and energy.  The energy was the most important thing we really wanted, and after a few rehearsals and on and off period of writing, late 2017 saw us start to get things moving."

"We knew we wanted to make heavy hard rock music but everything kept coming out a bit lighter and a bit  Me or Ed would write a heavy riff and when we'd come up with a melody it just...wasn't working with Gemma....she lightened it up a bit and changed to where she felt comfortable and we now have this kind of pop/punk fun vibe to these hard Alt Rock riffs we originally had. That's the direction we've landed with and it's done okay for us so far. We love where we're going with our sound." 

"Okay, second question... Is there a particular night on stage or performance that stands out to you and if so can you briefly explain the story."

"Sorry it's been so long I forget what a performance even is anymore!"

"Every performance stands out, they all have their good bits, they all have their bad bits. The goal for us is to always perform like every person is going to potentially give you £59,374,937,483 if you play the show of your life. "Fulford Arms" in York is one of the main places to play in our home town so that's always good to see friendly faces. I'd say one place, wont mention by name, I'll always remember. Maybe for dreadful weather or whatever reason, the audience was pathetic in we had fun....and gave those few people a "queen at live aid" style performance. Few people meant Lots of dance floor space... So me and Ed during a twin guitar solo...left the stage to play next to the handful of people who made the effort to come out. Always have loved silly things like that. No one should really join a band to be serious or cool, it's about having fun with people you like, playing songs you made together."

"Third question, the question every musician hears in every interview, who are your biggest musical influences?"

"We have an insanely diverse list of influences individually, Fin (Bass) will say things like "Guns n Roses", "Motley Crue" etc. Me and Ed would say things like "Maiden", "Van Halen", "Black Label Society", and Gemma.....well....She could list anything from "Pappa Roach" or "30 seconds to Mars" all the way to the "Jonas Brothers" or "Hanson!" I guess it's like a good cake. You have a solid know how to make it...get a riff, have drums and a recognizable structure...there's your cake...maybe someone sneaks in a little cinnamon in the mix you didn't expect, then you come to record, the frosting is just a bizarre mix of everyone throwing flavors and sprinkles in and you've got a XXK song. It could be anything! Could be heavy could be light....but its XXK."

"Just for the reader....its 1:15 am and I skipped dinner... that's why I'm talking about cake!"

"Fourth question, do you have a dream venue that you would like to play, and why?"

"At this point in time, one with an audience we can see. I think any band would say that same thing, ha." 

"Covid notwithstanding, an open air stage in a country we've never been...Germany or Norway or somewhere easy to get to and back from. Years ago we would have said "Wembley or Donnington" but we're a bit older now, I have two little girls, Ed has a baby girl and Fin and Gemma have 1847 pets between their households, so somewhere we can get be back in bed for a cuppa and a garibaldi biscuit! Biscuit/cookie if you're translating from UK to US."

"I'm Canadian so I understand what you mean by biscuit, HAHA!"

"I heard the phrase Biscuits and gravy and thought "Who would do that to a Custard cream?!"

"Ha ha...5th and final question, what can we expect from kiss kiss kill in the future? Both near and far?"

"Far future the plan is to make more music.. Ep/Album/videos and who else knows...Near future... a lot more random stuff while we're all doing what we can separately... We're having fun making other types of content from vlogs/equipment reviews/demos to reviewing/reacting to other bands. Some big, some Independent (we're planning a reality suite reaction in the next few weeks)."

"We put a lot of our own personalities into our music in the way its written and performed (things like the L.S.R.S. music video on the YouTube channel). So even if we can't offer that expression through music in the short term, we can still be KissKissKill through any other means. TLDR answer: We're going to make a bunch of stuff we enjoy making and hope you do too!"

That concludes this very interesting and very honest interview with Mickey Moran. But before signing off I would also like to introduce the rest of the band, Gemma L. Keane - Vocals, Mickey Moran and Ed Stock - Guitars, Fin - Bass, and Richee Mathwin on Drums.

If you would like to give the band a listen, or follow them on social media, simply click the links below, and be sure to enjoy the music video for "L.S.R.S." also below

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