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Stuck On Planet Earth - Ghosts On The Radio

Updated: May 11

Written by - Adam Bianchi, Al Capo, Andrew Testa, Filippo Bucchino, Steve Molella

Produced by - Steve Molella

If you're looking for a quick description of "Ghosts On The Radio," by Canadian rock band, "Stuck On Planet Earth," big production, awesome rock music, and it might just be one of the most vicious earworms you'll ever encounter. When I am reviewing a song I tend to listen to it on repeat several times, and then continue to listen on repeat while I write my review, and I am terrified at the prospect of how angry my wife is going to get at me whilst I walk around our house doing my daily activities singing the hook over and over again for at least the next month! Yes it is that DAMN CATCHY!

I am not always a huge fan of Alternative Rock that is more on the pop side of the spectrum, but I can honestly say that I really do enjoy listening to this song. You can literally hear the amount of thought that was put into both the song writing and production of this absolute gem. At no point does the song writing hide behind the production for lack of substance, and though the production comes off as more modern with reverse reverbs, and sweeping filters, it does not take front and center over the music itself. Instead the two work perfectly in an unparalleled symbiosis that is sure to have you in a tight grip.

The guitar tone is exquisite, both clean and distorted, and I love the spacey delay, and the soupy reverb, which really gives you a sense of traveling through the endless depths of space, without muddying the mix. The mix could not be better, with every instrument falling neatly into its place and being easily distinguishable, all the while never seeming static. We get a great guitar solo from Adam Bianchi, which is always appreciated if well placed, which it definitely is. The performance by the other two members Al Capo (vocals/bass) and Andrew Testa (drums) leaves nothing to be desired either, with an absolutely on point vocal performance from Capo, and a hell of a backbone provided by Testa on the drumkit.

All that being said, this is absolutely an excellent song to add to a good rock playlist, and an excellent song to add to any of your personal playlists.

Rating 4.9 / 5

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