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Solid Steel with a Razors Edge, Jackknife Stiletto

Updated: May 11

We all know that typical romance story... Boy meets Girl, its love at first site, and they live happily ever after...Yeah...Ummmm... That has nothing to do with Jackknife Stiletto. These three ladies, Annie Stoic, Mel Funk and Foxy Roxy are hard as Fuck, and badass enough to bitch slap the sonnets right out of a would be Romeo's mouth! Nuff said!

It is always such a privilege to be able to interview an awesome band like Jackknife Stiletto, and to gain a little more insight into the artists themselves. I recently got the chance to have a little email back and forth with these three lethal ladies and the following should speak for itself.... Cause its words and stuff....

"Can you briefly tell us a little about yourselves, and your musical Journey? How did "Jackknife Stiletto," come to be?"

Mel: "Annie and I met in college and started writing music together. After many lineup changes, we saw Roxy playing with another band, kidnapped her and took her on tour. She's been living in the van ever since, sleeping on my drums, and snacking on Cheeze-Its."

"Unfortunately for most of us who love rock music, it has become an undeniable reality that rock music no longer has the stronghold in the mainstream as it once did. Would you say that you have any intention to be part of a rebirth as it were, of rock, or would you prefer to keep it in the underground?"

"We'd love to be a part of a rebirth! Parents, please teach your children some rock history and introduce them to various genres of music. There is so much more out there than what you hear on the radio!"

"Is there a particular one of your performances that stands out in your memories, and could you tell us a little bit about it and why?"

Annie: "When we opened for Chad Smith in Long Beach, CA during NAMM. After the show we had members of Gwen Stefani’s band & Deep Purple that said they loved our set!"

Mel: "The first tour we did with Roxy, which was the first tour we did with Annie singing lead. Our previous singer had bailed on the tour two weeks prior and we decided that we had had enough with auditioning new singers, as we had already gone through numerous lineup changes. We refused to back out on the tour and were determined to make it work in whatever way we could. So Annie and I took some singing lessons, reworked the songs so Annie could sing lead, and recruited Roxy to play bass. We proved to ourselves we could keep going and be better than before. Annie was so nervous that she threw up before the show, and yet we had the best crowd response we'd ever gotten and gained the most fans from that tour. Fans said they liked her vocal style better than our previous singers, and that her punk attitude fit the style of music better. Here we are about four years later still chugging along!"

Roxy: We opened for Cheap Trick & Jesse Malin at The Capitol Theater about seven days after I had had knee surgery. It stands out for me as being one of the most physically difficult shows I have ever played...Trying to hold a bass and sing backup vocals, while trying not to lose my balance and fall over, while at the same time still trying to look normal on stage, despite being in pain and not having full mobility of my leg. Cheap Trick had their checkerboard flooring down on the stage, and I had to stay confined to a single white square!

"Here comes the dreaded question asked of every musician in every interview, who are your biggest influences musically?"

Annie: "Rancid, Michael Jackson, Anti-Flag."

Mel: "Frank Zummo, Brian Viglione, Chris Thatcher, Gene Krupa, Phil Collins, Travis Barker, Tre Cool."

Roxy: "Hole, Rancid, Nirvana, Leftover Crack."

"Last but not least, can you give us a little insight into the future of Jackknife Stiletto, any potential plans or album releases in the near future?"

" We have a new album ready to go. We are working on music videos for those songs and deciding when we will release everything. We are hoping to be able to tour the album, but we don't know when we'll be able to get back out on the road, so for now we are focusing on livestreams and building our youtube channel. So stay tuned! Sign up on our mailing list at

to stay in the loop and subscribe to our youtube channel at We release new videos every Thursday. We also have lots of new fun and exciting merch items on our webstore at

That concludes, our interview with these incredible ladies of rock. Be sure to go and check them out, and give them a listen using the links that we have provided below, and enjoy their music video for "Drama King," which we have also posted at the bottom of the page.

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