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Smoothsaylin - Sunday Morning

Updated: Jun 11

Coming out of the gates strong with her first release, "Sunday Morning," Smoothsaylin is making one hell of a statement, which is that she has arrived and she is NOT playing around! Though I don't know much about Smoothsaylin's musical history or background, what I can say is that her skill and performance are that of a seasoned performer. I love the slow vibe of this song, and the instrumentation is excellent. The synths are on point, and that soft little guitar melody haunts the song to great affect. The hook is both beautiful, and chilling, and it seems like a weird thing to point out, but I love the whistle that accompanies the hook, which ads a degree of innocents to the track. It is always so incredible the weight and importance that such a small addition can make to a song, and I applaud the decision to add the whistle to the hook for sure.

Like so many songs in this sort of Indie / Alt Pop genre, the production is somewhat simplistic by design, but executed superbly, to a very welcome professional degree. Smoothsaylin has a beautiful voice on this track, which is also clearly the focal point of the song, though you do still get lost in the composition which has a sort of almost tragic whimsy, which is exceptional to say the least.

In summary I very much look forward to future releases from this very talented new artist, though she has given herself quite a bit to live up to. An excellent song from a talented artist, with a potentially bright future.

Rating 4.8 / 5

But as always, please DO NOT TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT! Check out the links below and decide for yourself, and follow smoothsaylin on social media to stay up to date on this artist.

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