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Sharone, The Voice of a Fallen Angel

Updated: Jun 11

Its not often that one comes across a voice quite like that of Denver, Colorado, Gothic Hard Rocker, "Sharone." With a voice that is a perfect blend of delicate beauty and sheer power it is likely that you will be instantly captivated. A voice that could lull you into a blissful sleep, or blow you right out of your bed!!!

Often I find myself surfing the web looking to discover some new awesome band or artist to take in and share with my fellow music enthusiasts, and boy was I excited when I came across this fucking gem! The song was "Can We Pretend," but there was nothing pretend about my unbridled jubilation once the song got going... It opens with some pretty heavy guitars, production is good, no complaints so far... Decent mix... all seems pretty standard for the type of song that I am going to enjoy... but around the 20 second mark or so the vocal begins, "These words you’ve cut me with, have burned into my skin"... and this song has now got a tight grip on my attention.

Overall the song is very upbeat, and heavy, with a deep feeling of melancholy as you listen further, which is somewhat expected of this sort of genre. But the key difference which sets it apart from other songs of the like comes back to the vocal performance and the lyrics. Its the "Power," and I am not just talking decibels here, but the power Sharone's voice has over the listener, the power of the seemingly emotionally driven delivery of each word. Not to mention the unique timbre of her voice. I struggle to come up with another vocalist to compare Sharone with, Perhaps "Amy Lee," but I am not too sure that even that would be an appropriate comparison.

Upon further research into Sharone's musical career I came to discover some pretty impressive accolades as well, such as opening for bands like "Saving Abel," and "Puddle Of Mud," just to name a few, as if I were not impressed enough.

I also got a chance to go back and listen to some of her previous releases and was no less impressed by what I was hearing. Though many are slower tempo and a bit more on the moody and doomy side, they are just as impressive and enjoyable to listen to as the more recently released and previously discussed "Can We Pretend." A personal favorite of mine from her catalogue is "Turn Back Time," from her album "Reflection." It's a slow tempo yet beautiful and almost triumphant sounding song while tackling the hard subject of losing some one, and the lyricism is absolutely awe inspiring. Once again I am blown away by the seemingly emotionally driven performance of this incredible artist.

Though no one can ever be certain what the future may bring, I can definitely see bright things on the horizon for Sharone, and honestly as an artist she really does deserve it. Whether you are listening to one of her songs or watching one of here videos, you can see, hear, and feel the amount of hard work that she puts into her art, and the amount of her soul that she pours into it as well.. An artist that is so unique and captivating does not come by all that often, you would be doing yourself an injustice by not checking her out!

Listed below are various links for Sharone, and the music video for "Can We Pretend," please check them out.

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