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Sharone - Fade Away

Updated: Jun 11

Written by Sharone

Sharone has done it again, with another epic sounding goth rock triumph. "Fade Away," dropped on October 1st, and I was lucky enough to get to listen to this epic voyage just hours after its release. As an added bonus the music video was actually released the same day, which I have put at the bottom of this review.

As per usual Sharone delivers another powerhouse vocal performance, her voice soaring over the heavy but very epic sounding composition. On this particular production the mix has allowed Sharone's vocals to stand out a bit more than they had on her last release, which I found to be quite a pleasant improvement, though no improvement was really necessary, but I did enjoy the result. The upbeat tempo and composition are dripping with a sense of empowerment and inner strength, making this song feel almost like a victory song, hopefully I am not too off base with that assessment, but I definitely get a sense of overcoming adversity from this song.

The production overall is very solid, though have come to expect nothing less from Sharone. The guitar tone is gorgeous, and I always appreciate big tom fills like those found at the beginning of the song. Overall I would say that this is absolutley some of her best work and it will be playing over my speakers and in my headphones for sometime to come.

Rating 4.9 / 5

Remember, don't take our word for it, click the links below and listen for yourself, and make sure to follow Sharone on social media so you get all the updates on this incredible artist.

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