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If "Glam Grunge" is not a thing yet it is now!!!

So here I am one day going through as its a pretty excellent resource to find rad new music to check out ( yeah... I said rad... deal with it ), and I come across this absolute hidden gem by "Sailor June." First impression I love the name, second impression, this song is FUCKING AWESOME!!! In fact the more I listened to the song the better it got as the dimensions began to unfold.

The song opens up with a pretty ominous sounding bass line that is some what distant in the mix, which makes for a very dramatic effect, as we hear a strange almost electronic ambience wash over it along with some unsettling synth or keys. The keys create a sort of anxious sci-fi feel, but that's not where this song is going at all. Vocals, guitar and drums kick in and were off into a softer grunge rock paradise, but with a sort of washy dreamy feel. I would struggle to put this into a genre, but I actually think my "Glam Grunge" description really seems justified here.

The vocals, dripping in a soupy reverb, are a perfect fit for the production. They create a sense of unconcerned anger that has been mildly simmering for too long and waiting for an excuse to heat up and boil over, leaving everyone waiting for this intense reaction that you know will likely never show up! In short form, the vocals are that of a lamb, but you know the wolf is just waiting for the right time.

From a production point of view this definitely feels like early to mid 90's grunge, and I would argue that "Sailor June" could have easily shared the stage with the likes of "Hole," "Garbage," "Veruca Salt," or maybe even "Joan Osborne." Its something from a generation long past while still being something all its own. The guitar tone was nice, but I felt it could have been a little more towards the front of the mix. The solo around the one minute mark was a pleasant surprise, and I did love the lead guitar melody.

This really is a track worth checking out and is one of the best surprises that I have gotten in recent memory. A song like this is an excellent argument for why as music lovers we should all spend a little more time actively searching for new music!

Rating 4.5 / 5

As always PLEASE DO NOT TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT, check out this amazing artist for yourself by clicking on the links below, and be sure to follow "Sailor June" on social media to stay up to date.

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