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Roma Sheth - Come Free

Its seems that I just keep getting extremely lucky as I find all of these amazing new artists, and this young lady, Roma Sheth, is certainly no exception. As I began to listen to "Come Free" I was already taken back within the first several seconds of hitting the play button. From the moment that I hear the opening guitar riff I am immediately hooked. The guitar tone is very pleasing to the ear, and the reverb is set beautifully. The rhythm guitar sounds very good as well but its hard not to focus entirely on the lead guitar riff, that is, until we hear the vocals.

Roma's vocals are absolutely stunning, and performed with a level of maturity and skill that seems to far exceed her age, which I do not know precisely, but I would have to assume that she is fairly young (apologies if I am wrong). Her vocals carry a sense of wisdom, as well as experience in both performance and life. She goes from a chest voice to a head voice with an effortless sounding transition, and the tonality of either is simply breathtaking.

Without it being painfully obvious one can only give there interpretation of what an artists is trying to express in their music. In my own interpretation of "Come Free," it seems to be about trying to escape an oppressive hold that someone or some place has over you, weather its an ex partner, or simply your surroundings that you can not get away from. There is a fair amount of simile and euphemism used, but I think that's the gist. The overall feeling of the song seems to be that of hope, and determination, with a hint of desperation.

From a production point of view, I have already given my opinion on the guitars, and needless to say the vocal production is excellent. As far as the other elements of the production are concerned its pretty damn decent. The production is well done, but definitely not worth doing back flips over, but it absolutely holds its own with present day industry standards. However, I would actually say that Roma's vocals, as well as that catchy guitar riff actually bring this song above and beyond said standard.

I also just want to mention how happy it makes me to see someone producing music within the pop realm that is actually playing a real guitar as opposed to something entirely sample based. I know that there are other artists who do this also, but I am always so pleased when I hear it, and think that it is worth mentioning, as I find it really adds a little more dimension to a song.

All that being said Roma Sheth is an incredible talent with a very hopeful future, and "Come Free," is an excellent early feather in her cap! I am very much looking forward to her next release to see what she comes up with.

Rating 4.8 / 5

As always PLEASE DO NOT TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT, check out this amazing artist for yourself by clicking on the links below, and be sure to follow "Roma Sheth" on social media to stay up to date.

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