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No Princesses Here, Just Some Crazy Dolls, "Drama Dolls."

Updated: May 11

Honestly, just look at the picture below and tell me you don't want to hang out with this wild threesome of punk rock royalty, and by royalty, I mean like... third cousins twice removed... but still!

Several weeks ago, as I was doing my typical peruse through social media (it's not that creepy), I came across this seriously fun looking band, Drama Dolls. I know they say you can't judge a book by its cover, but that's totally what I did, and man it paid off. I ended up watching their video for "Sometimes You Gotta Be a Bitch," which I will post below, and I new that wanted to know more about this awesome band. So without further ado, an interview with Doc Egg, TKO, and Scrambles, the one and only "Drama Dolls."

"Tell us a little more about Drama Dolls, how you met, how the band came to be, let's hear a little Drama Dolls origin story...

Doc Egg: "Couple of us were a bit tired of some of the drama that can occur when you’re in a band. Scrambles spoke to TKO and me separately, and we all met together for a practice and it just clicked."

Scrambles: "When we showed up to play that first time, I introduced Doc Egg to TKO, then Doc Egg immediately started playing a riff. TKO and I joined in and in like 5 minutes we had our first song, "JBP". It was kind of magical!!!"

"So you three ladies are clearly Punk, if you could travel back in time to the heyday of punk music, would you? Or do you prefer to be a punk rock band in the present day?"

Doc Egg: "Hmmm, Not so sure on that one. I love punk rock, I love the expression and initial ideals behind punk rock. I’m curious what you consider is the heyday of punk. I would travel back in time to the heyday of punk to 1. Travel in Time (duh) and then 2. To check it out , but I know I prefer to be a punk rock band in the present day cause we’re not just punk rock, we’re influenced by so much more than that and some of it didn’t exist at the beginning of the punk scene."

TKO: "I like all the music, idk"

Scrambles: "I love playing this music in the times we are in (except for stupid COVID.) I love all the bands and the clubs we get to play at. Hard to say how we would fit in other times. I think sometimes we romanticize about “how great things were...or how great things are going to be.”

"This might be a bit of a throwaway question, and I'm sorry if it is, but please tell me there's a story behind those names.".

Doc Egg: "Egg is from the band F U MaryLou. Well, it came before that, but it was refined for F U. Egg is an idea before it is released into the world. The Doc part is a sarcastic response to the lack of consideration towards the knowledge and trust of science and scientists (I’m also a fan of Back to the Future). I gave TKO her name cause she’ll knock your ass out, and Scrambles is well, Scrambles. Helps us not take ourselves too seriously."

TKO: "When you know Scrambles it will all make sense I promise"

Scrambles: "haha yep. My name is a perfect fit."

"I have to imagine that your live shows are a lot like a high energy booze fueled party... Or maybe I'm wrong (not likely...) Can you tell us what was one of the craziest things that you have experienced at one of your live shows?"

Doc Egg: "Nudity. Ask us about it at a show"

TKO: "Oh we girls, we like to have fun don’t we."

Scrambles: "Our shows are CRAZY energy! At first, people don’t know WHAT to think. We are not big boozers or anything, but we LOVE PLAYING THIS MUSIC and we are ALL in! Usually have some good music inspired pandemonium happening at our shows and a lot of “dancing”, sweating and shouting."

"Can you tell us what the future has in store for the Drama Dolls, both near and distant?"

Doc Egg: "We have a Dual EP (an A Side/B Side) coming out soon called “Over the Shoulder, Boulder Holder” that we recorded at Larrabee Studios here in LA back in early January. We also have been working out some new music videos and recording more tunes with our producer, Bob Marlette. We also have accepted that live shows are still kind of difficult to do here right now because of the pandemic, so we are working out some live stream party stuff for everyone’s enjoyment. We are so ready to go back out on the road!"

Scrambles: "I CANT WAIT FOR YOU TO HEAR OUR RECORD(s)!! Also, when we do our livestream show, we hope you all come!"

That concludes this interview with these three colorful ladies, it was an absolute joy to have been able to conduct this interview with such a fun and extremely talented and interesting band. The fun never stops with the Drama Dolls, so make sure to check out the video and links below, so that you can have the same stellar experience that I have been lucky enough to have!

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