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Mida - Back In London

Updated: Jun 11

Written by Andrea Nardin, Davide Dal Maso,

Milo Vason

The stewardess welcomes me on board, and tells me to breath normally, and then thanks me for my attention... A very interesting way to open a song about traveling back to the great city of London, and this is definitely an interesting song. Immediately after the flight attendant concludes her announcement I am drawn into the very full stereo width of this track and the lush and full production.

This is a carefree sounding Pop-Rock outing for sure, one that is both upbeat and uplifting. An absolute success for Italian trio Mida. The best way to describe "Back In London" would quite simply be non stop fun. The track has me enthusiastically swaying my head from side to side, and the chorus is ridiculously catchy, with beautiful back up vocals.

Overall the production is solid, and as Mida prides them selves on their "home made music," they can certainly be proud of their production on this one. Every thing in the mix is delightfully present, and though the bottom end seems a little thinner the song does not lose any of its warmth. However, if I had to make any criticism it would be that I do wish the lead vocals were a little more upfront, but all said and done its still a real treat for the ears.

In summary, a wonderful lighthearted imaginative composition, and an excellent song, it would make a welcome addition to many a playlist.

Rating 4.2 / 5

But as always, please do not take our word for it, make sure to check out this awesome band and decide for yourself

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