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Jen Janet - The Mother

A somber reflection, or a Horrific Nightmare

I have been listening to Jen Janet's music for some time now, and honestly I am never let down, and Its nice to see that nothing has changed. "The Mother" is like a musical fever dream mixed with confusing childhood memories, whilst Jen sings the narrative with absolute conviction. As per usual Jens vocal talents are obvious and range from delicate to haunting, even a little aggressive at times, but always absolutely on point. I'm not sure if it's Jen or not but there is even a lethal "Metal Roar" on this track toward the end of the song that really took me back when I heard it.

From a production point of view this song speaks for its self, with some amazingly powerful guitar tones that literally rip your head off!!! The song opens with a lot of tension, and those screeching guitars that intermittently explode into the the mix really help to solidify that tension. "The Mother," almost has and Industrial feel to it, though I am not sure I would go so far as to put it into that specific genre, some of the elements are definitely there. It also has shades of modern Heavy Metal, and perhaps even pop, and served up in a delectable meal for our ears and minds.

In any case weather you are a heavy music enthusiast, or even if you're a fan of the slightly lighter side of Rock, this song will very likely indulge your senses to some degree... Hell, I think this song really has a lot of mainstream appeal as well, with all of the complex elements that it's made up of there's something for everyone. At the end of the day this is an absolute musical masterpiece and everyone involved in its production should take a bow.

Rating 5 / 5

As always PLEASE DO NOT TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT, check out this amazing artist for yourself by clicking on the links below, and be sure to follow "Jen Janet

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