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Jen Janet - I Don't Belong

Updated: May 11

As an artist myself, I can always appreciate another artist who pushes the envelope when it comes to their work. Jen Janet is one of those artists. These days most music fans derive their musical preferences from a broad and diverse range of sources, but listeners were not always so eclectic. Go back as early as the 90's, and you would not meet a lot of Hard Rock, or Heavy Metal fans, that would ever consider listening to pop music, let alone even being able to process the idea of fusing the two. Though we did have Hair, and Glam metal in the 80's, which some referred to as "Pop Metal," it had little to do with Pop music. That being said, Jen Janet, has done an excellent job of fusing these two genres, Metal, and Pop. There are definitely other artists who have combined these styles as well, but most have ended up with very different sounding results, some good, some bad. It is my personal opinion that Jen Janet has simply done it better than most. She seems to capture the best elements of each genre and presents it to us in a very concise way, and does not tip the scale too much in either direction, giving us the perfect balance that fans of any genre could enjoy.

"I Don't Belong," is the perfect example of this. Often when artists get into the fusion of these two genres, you can always describe it along the lines of, "It has Pop vocals, but metal music." This is not what Jen Janet has done. The music is neither Pop nor is it Metal, The vocals are neither Pop, nor metal, but both of those aspects and various other aspects of the song are a perfect blend of the two... This is consistent across the production, and makes for an incredible final product.

The production of this song is excellent. The arrangement has some beautiful symphonic elements, such as a gorgeous string section, and a sort of harpsichord sounding synth (I would Assume), which make for a very full lush production. The guitar production is top notch as well, with a really impressive range of tone, excellent variation, great use of timed effects, and harmonies. The song pulls back just when you want it to, and then explodes full force just when you need it to. Clearly a great amount of care went into the making of this masterpiece by all involved.

The over all feeling of this song is that of melancholy, yet speaks to Jens strength as she will not be made to change who she is for acceptance by others. The listener gets a deep sense of being lost from the lyricism, but remaining true to ones self regardless, which Jen's absolutely gorgeous and haunting vocals help to permeate greatly. "I Don't Belong," does an excellent job of penetrating the heart and gives us a glimpse inside the soul of the artist herself. Many of us feel as if "we don't belong," and I think this song helps to make that fell a little more like a strength as opposed to a weakness, and for so many, that is something that they need to feel. For any who have ever felt lost or alone, Jen Janet is simply letting you know that you are not!

Rating 4.8 / 5

As always PLEASE DO NOT TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT, check out this amazing artist for yourself by clicking on the links below, and be sure to follow "Jen Janet" on social media to stay up to date.

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