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Five Bands and Artists to Check Out in 2021

We have been pretty fortunate here at Abyss 75 to get to listen to some seriously awesome artists and bands over the last couple month, and we really wanted to share a few that we think are worth checking out this year. All of these artists have released music in 2021, and were some of, but not all of, our favorites. This is not a ranking or one of those horrible top 5 lists... This is just a collection of awesome for you and your ears... If you are a regular reader you will more than likely recognize a few of these incredible artists.

Reality Suite

Reality Suite is without a doubt one of the most energetic and impressive bands on the scene presently. They have an awesome hard-rock sound that is reminiscent of the legendary bands of yesteryear who blew the roof off of stadium shows. I would not be surprised if they were responsible for a few roofs being destroyed in the near future now that lockdowns are coming to an end, and live music is coming back.

Amazing vocals, incredible guitar playing, banging bass, and thunderous drums, "Reality Suite" is the real deal! You need no more proof than to listen to their 2021 single "Triggers," for which you can view the video below. Its an awesome hard hitting song that towers over what has become the industry standard, for both production and performance. If you're a fan of hard-rock music, and you haven't listened to Reality Suite yet then you are seriously missing out. So do your self a favor and use the links below to go listen to this band NOW!!!!


If there truly were a throne for Rock and Metal Royalty, Sharone would definitely be in contention to wear the crown, or would be in line at the very least!

Sharone is consistently putting out amazing song after amazing song. Her last three singles, "Diamond," "Screaming Into Oblivion," and "Fade Away," are absolute mind blowers. Listening to Sharone's music really gives you a sense that this is by no means a lightning in a bottle situation, but that the music she has released is likely just a taste of what is yet to come. Not to mention the release of her new album "Morbid Illusion," which contains all of the songs that I just mentioned above as well as many more, and though I have yet to listen to the entire album, I fell extremely confident that it will not disappoint.

Vocally Sharone is in a league of her own, with a powerful yet delicate delivery, often in an almost operatic approach, but always on point. The best way that I could ever try to describe her vocals is that Sharone has the "Voice of a Fallen Angel," tragic, beautiful, and powerful....


The best way for me to try to describe Jr, would be that he seems to have an Indomitable spirit and work ethic! Everything I have ever heard from Jr sounds so polished it almost kills me (In a good way of course). His song writing skills are impeccable, and his playing seems very refined. His songs are full of nostalgia as well as heart, and you get a deeper sense of Jr himself, all the while sounding very grounded and relatable.

You get a similar sense to that of having a good conversation with an old friend when listening to Jr's Music, but you're treated to some phenomenally well played guitars and excellently executed production. His music does tend to have a mellow vibe, but you still get a broad spectrum of the human experience from song to song. Definitely an artists to look into if you have not already, and hopefully a new favorite for many more to come.

Feminist Baby

Honestly, these two almost remind me of a television sitcom couple. They are that perfect stereotype of the whole "opposites attract," cliché. Only in this case they are also a fun loving, kick ass, pop rock band! I would totally watch that show by the way... If you gave Homer and Marge a guitar and a microphone it would likely be eerily similar to Feminist Baby, minus the yellow skin and the tall hair.

They tend to write really upbeat, catchy, and most often humorous little ear bugs, which will even make the most stout of sourpuss' crack at least a little smile. Their delivery is heavily soaked in cheese, but who doesn't like cooking with a little cheddar, and in terms of said cheesy delivery, Feminist Baby is like a delicious fondue. They have an amazing chemistry, though being a married couple likely helps a lot with that. They sing all of their songs in duet form, as if they are literally conversing through song, which you really don't see very often anymore and give Feminist baby a unique charm.


Pony is a relatively recent discovery for me, but better late than never! Of the many bands who shine so bright, in the Indie Arena, Pony just seems to sparkle a little brighter than most for me.

Take some gritty 90's grunge throw a little glitter on it and maybe a dash of pop, and just a hint of rebellious spirit, and I think that might be the best way to describe the pop culture gumbo that is Pony. For anyone who grew up in the 90's Pony's music will definitely taste like "Member Berries," but still manages to be something all its own, which really is what makes a great band and a great sound. The production always sounds so authentic to the era, you really hear the saturation, and the guitar tone sounds exactly like you want it to! Lead singer Sam Bielanski's vocals always seem to suit the tone of the song perfectly, and have a sort of dreamy nonchalant quality to them. Pony is definitely a band to keep an ear out for this year and in the future. I highly recommend that you give them a listen... Like right now!

And there you have it folks, Five Bands you should go check out RIGHT NOW!!! Remember to support musicians, cause they gotta eat too you know... So if you really like a band, perhaps even one of these bands, go check out some of their merch, maybe buy their album, or at the very least share their music with people that you think might appreciate it. Any support is positive!

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