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Finding Happiness Through Music, an interview with Christine Nguyen.

Updated: May 11

I am always very enthusiastic about learning more about up and coming artists, and even more so when I get a chance to have correspondence directly with the artists themselves. I recently got to do just that with the always impressive "Christine Nguyen," a very talent singer songwriter who is relatively new to the independent Contemporary Pop and R&B scene. I also got a chance to review her new EP, "Finding Happiness," and her previously released single, "Stranded," so be sure to check those out as well.

"Thank you so much for doing this interview with us. To start things off, can you tell us a little bit about yourself Christine, and your musical Journey, how did you get into music and what inspired you to pursue a career in music?"

"I have been singing and writing songs my entire life but I only started recording and releasing music on all streaming platforms a year ago. I decided to put my music out because I wanted to share a huge part of my life with my friends, followers and supporters. I really love expressing self through my lyrics and musicality, and I’ve been met with great feedback and so many people have told me that my songs resonate with them and help them."

"Where would you say you draw your influence from when writing music, tell us a little about your process..."

"My influence when it comes to writing music is my past experiences, whether it be successes, failures or heartbreaks. My songs are my thought processes throughout my life and they are a storyboard to the life I have lived. I usually get the beats first and then whatever comes to mind or inspires me I write on paper, and then fine tune everything from there."

"Are there any songs that you have written that are your personal favorite, and why?"

"My personal favorite song I have written is “Finding Happiness,” off of my EP of the same name, because it describes my entire life in a nutshell currently and paints a story that many people can relate to. I wrote about a state of feeling I have been feeling for years, a constant journey of trying to fulfill myself and searching for a purpose in life."

"If you could record a song with any artist from any time period who would it be and why?"

"My dream collaboration would be with Ty Dolla $ign because he adds so many layers, melodies and beauty to every song he is featured on. He literally NEVER missed on any feature he is on."

"Can you tell us what the future has in store for Christine Nguyen? Any plans for the near future, and can you tell us a little about them?"

"I want to make a lot of music videos and write music for other artists as well as for movies and shows. I want to collaborate with as many artists and producers as I can and connect with listeners across the globe. 

"Thank you so Much for taking the time to telling us a little more about yourself, I hope that our readers will have enjoyed this little interview as much as I have."

That concludes this brief yet revealing interview with the extremely talented, Christine Nguyen. We here at Abyss75 will definitely be keeping a lookout for any and all upcoming releases from this very talented and charming artist. Make sure to check out Christine's music for yourself, and follow her on social media to be up to date on all thing Christine Nguyen.

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