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Distopia, The End of the World or an Awesome Band?

We were very lucky to be introduced to this band, on very short notice which will always be a funny story for us here at Abyss 75, but an inside story it will remain for now, as we think its a lot more interesting to get right into it with Alex Silver, the lead vocalist and guitar for this trio from Westchester N.Y.

Why don't we get started by having you tell us a little bit about how the band was formed maybe a bit of your history.

All three of the members (me, Jason, and John Marc) have played together on and off since we were in middle school. When I finished college in Miami I had a crazy amount of songs that I had as demos that I made over the years. I wanted to form a new band so I reached out to both of them, and they just knew exactly what the songs needed. It became more of an equal band than I thought it was going to be of course, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. I’d rather have equal members of a band than a front man backed by two guys, it’s less interesting and collaborative for me, so....very happy and fortunate.

Would you consider yourself rock music, and if so do you believe rock music has a revival on the horizon?

I like to think we are very largely influenced by rock, but I hate limiting our music to a genre. As of right now I’d say yes but that could always change. And to answer the second part.... I always thought the revival attitude was one of the things that have stopped rock from being in the spotlight like hip-hop and electronic music. I think a better term for what I think needs to happen is for rock to start adapting and evolving. A lot of people that are still really into rock want it to be like how it used to be. Art is supposed to advance, and that’s what rock bands like The Beatles and Stones did. I think at one point, rock musicians stopped trying to advance the art of rock music. I believe someone will eventually come around and show rock in a new light. So I guess I do believe rock will make some sort of spotlight return, but it won’t be the same as it was. I hope it isn’t.

My next question is that boring old question that gets asked in every interview, who are your biggest musical influences and why?

A classic question haha. I’d have to say mine personally are The Beatles, Nirvana, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye, RHCP. We are a very vocal/melody oriented group. Can’t speak for everyone else in the bands personal influences but I can definitely say those are a few artists that have a large effect on our style right now.

For any potential new fans that might read this, what can one expect when coming to one of your live shows?

I have two types of shows I’ve been planning. The shows with just our three piece, and the ones with horn sections, background singers, and the whole thing. I think it’s ignorant, to fans or anyone even watching us live, to not put effort into it. Visual entertainment is part of the whole package. I promise, you will get a good fucking show. Don’t wanna give away everything we have planned though.

Well that makes the next question a little hard LOL... What does the future hold for Distopia? Are there any albums coming down the pipe, new singles? Do you have any shows planned for the near future?

I have the rest of the year pretty much all planned out haha. We got our new single “Good Day” coming out on June 11th, and our full length album coming out around August September. There is a possibility of a cover song EP coming out in between the two. As for gigs, I think our next one is at The Growler on July 3rd, and we have a lot being planned for late June through October so I’ll be posting updates on our Instagram, Spotify and whatever other media bs I can post on lol. All I’ll say for now is some big surprises I can’t reveal yet.

Well that Concludes our Interview with this tenacious trio, Make sure to check out their Live performance of "Healing," below, and be sure to follow them on social media using the links also provided below to stay up to date with all things "Distopia."

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