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Dead Rituals - Broken Memories

Updated: Jun 11

Written by Andrea Caccese, Brita Penfold

I'm going to be honest, this band is kind of a mystery to me. As much as I have scoured the internet, I have had trouble finding very basic information on this band, such as band member names. I do however know that Dead Rituals are based out of Naples Italy. That being said, I really wish I could find that information because this band is absolutely awesome.

The song opens with a haunting guitar melody absolutely drowning in reverb and delay, but not to a point where it is tasteless, but rather on point for the overall atmospheric effect that I believe the song is trying to achieve. The guitar is accompanied by a chugging bass line and some very big sounding drums which seem to have a gated reverb, and later in the song we are treated to some ethereal airy pads, with a decent amount of dynamic movement. Its a great example of how very few instruments if used and produced well enough can create an absolutely massive sound, and a beautiful sense of space. The song also gives the vocals a lot of room to breath, and I really did enjoy the overall mix as well. Speaking on the vocals, simply excellent, simple an unadorned to great appeal, though I do wish we got a little more of the female vocal, as it did end up being one of the highlights of the song as well.

I'm not really sure in which genre to appropriately place this gem, but it would definitely fall somewhere in the kingdom of rock, with an almost dreampop feel. Either way, this song would easily find a place in many playlists, and hopefully it will find its way into yours, as it has undoubtedly found a place in some of mine.

Rating 4.3 / 5

As always PLEASE DO NOT TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT, check out this amazing artist for yourself by clicking on the links below, and be sure to follow Dead Rituals on social media to stay up to date.

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