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Dead Mama Trauma - Psychotic Utopia

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Grab yourself a time machine cause we are going back to the 90's... not really, but you certainly feel that way when you're listening to this band. "Psychotic Utopia," is a Hard Rock / Grunge/ thrash song, to explosive affect. it opens with an aggressive lead guitar line, and slowly builds to an epic eruption of Hard Rock. All musical components of the song are pretty damn solid, and the style seems steeped in the early to mid 90's, and could have easily stood up in that era for sure. "Maxwell Gein's" vocals are impressive and sound very powerful while perfectly suiting the genre, and very much adding the "psychotic" element to this song. "Chandler Cuthbert's," guitar playing tends to stand out a bit for me on this track as well, especially as guitar solos were not entirely common in this type of grungier 90's rock, and the performance of said solo is neither extremely impressive or lacking, but still fits like a glove into the song .

The production is pretty solid, but also stripped down in a way that does really suite this type of music, as we often see that modern rock can sometimes have a tendency to be "overproduced" these days ( just my opinion ). "Psychotic Utopia," is high energy and full of character from beginning to end, and is a real trip to listen to, A trip that I would suggest you take, so go pack your bags people!!!

Rating 4.5 / 5

As with all of our reviews, please DO NOT take our word for it, click the links below and go check out "Dead Mama Trauma," and decide for yourself... maybe you find your new favorite band

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