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Christine Nguyen, Jhalon - Stranded

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Written by Christine Nguyen, Produced by Marsado

I have never been the best at placing a song in the proper genre, as they get so specific these days, but in a broader spectrum I would file "Stranded," by Christine Nguyen, under Contemporary Pop, maybe modern R&B. Either way what we are presented with right off the get go are some spacey airy pads, followed by a beautiful chorus of vocals, "I should've known better." From this instant the song sets a beautiful atmosphere. When the beat does drop, this sort of heavenly, ethereal feel remains, but with a slight edge. The overall production is excellent, and I feel as if I am listening to something that was created by a consummate professional, whilst the artists never seems to have to sacrifice the integrity of the song to achieve this.

Christine has a beautiful voice, and the vocal production compliments this very well, and though the efforts of the vocal production are definitely not transparent, it only adds to sense of a deeply wounded woman pouring out her soul to the listener.

The beat used is very simplistic in nature and seems to rely on Christine's vocal to carry the song, which she does very well. This approach is very common in modern music, but does not fall short in anyway shape or form. There is definitely a large audience for this type of song and production, and I certainly hope people find this song well, and listen with an open heart.

To sum things up, this is an excellent song that does exactly what a song like this should, it's easy to find an emotional attachment to it, or even just to have a nice slow groove to it. Christine Nguyen, is with out a doubt an artist to keep an eye and an ear on

Rating 4.8 / 5

But don't take our word for it, go check out Christine Nguyen's music by following the links below and decide for yourself.

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