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Christine Nguyen, Finding Happiness EP

Updated: Jun 11

Christine Nguyen is always bringing us smooth emotional music from deep within her creative soul, and I don't know about you, but I am always ready to embrace her creations with an optimistic outlook.

This time we are reviewing her new EP "Finding Happiness," which includes three of Christine's original songs. For the sake of ease and understanding I will review each of the three songs individually.

Finding Happiness - The opening atmosphere of the song is very soothing, and feels fragile or delicate, but once that slow bass groove starts its adds a nice R&B vibe which to me is almost reminiscent of late 90's R&B, but with a more modern arrangement of course. Christine's voice takes a strong lead in the arrangement which makes perfect sense, and her vocals are gorgeous with a smooth and silky tone. Vocal production on this track is excellent.

Overall the production is on par with what you would expect from a genre such as this, but I do really appreciate the chime, and staccato string accents added toward the latter half of the song, which really helps to keep the beat feeling fresh. "Finding Happiness," is an sterling addition to Christine's catalogue.

Trying - Again we open with a very atmospheric airiness, though when the bass finds its way into the mix its treated more like a pad. The beat itself is decidedly simple, and almost feels a little lacking in substance but does a great job of slowly building anticipation for the beat to drop, which is very satisfying when it happens just after the forty second mark, and leads me to believe that this is all very intentional. As always Christine's voice is absolutely enchanting, and carries the track.

Not Alone - Another atmospheric approach, but this time the body of the composition is just two chords played back and fourth while the rest of the production slowly builds around them, an interesting if subtle approach, which comes out sounding very haunting or almost hypnotic. I feel at this point that mentioning how Christine's vocals really carry the track seem to be more of a given, but of course her vocals are superb. I would honestly have to say that this track is my least favorite of the three, though I do still find myself listening intently to Christine's voice.

All the cards on the table, I would say that that this EP is a pretty solid addition to Christine Nguyen's catalogue with the title track, "Finding Happiness," absolutely and unequivocally being the strongest of the three, and my personal favorite.

Rating 4 / 5

But please DO NOT take our word for it, click on the links below and decide for yourself... and make sure to follow Christine on social media to stay up to date on her musical endeavors.

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