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Chris Maragoth - Shattered

Updated: Jun 11

From his EP, "Lost and Separated," today we review the stunning instrumental, "Shattered," by Chris Maragoth. First and foremost I would just like to take a moment to praise any artists who writes and publishes an instrumental, because this is the ultimate form of a musician standing behind their own work. There are no vocals to sing along to, and no catchy vocal hook, but instead the artist relies on the strength of the composition to speak for itself. "Shattered," unquestionably, does just that.

We open with ambience, and a woman's footsteps moving closer and closer. We then hear a female voice asking for our forgiveness, and then the sound of a door creaking closed and locking. These first few moments, before any music has begun have already done an excellent job of setting the tone. We are then met with a moody gothic piano piece that sounds as if it would fit perfectly in the Baroque period of classical music, and is beautifully sorrowful. Slowly guitars begin to work their way into the mix ever building toward the inevitable, then one big tom fill, and we are there. A beautiful, classically inspired metal movement for the ages. The song does a marvelous job of creating a sense of dejection, infused with anger and anxiety. I love the orchestral feel of this track especially considering the arrangement itself contains almost no orchestral instrumentation, spare the piano. The guitars and bass have been written and played as if to replace an entire string section, and it is truly inspiring. This not just an astounding heavy metal instrumental, it is a true achievement in musical composition, worthy of many great classical composers.

The production is excellent, but no surprises there, as most of what I have heard from Chris Maragoth always maintains a high production standard. Overall "Shattered," is an inspired artistic undertaking that I do hope you will take the time to listen to in the very near future.

Rating 4.8 / 5

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