• Arthur King

Arsoniste - Gravity

Written by Arsoniste

As always I find it a little tricky to place "Gravity" into a specific genre, but I would like to call it Contemporary Pop as that is a lovely umbrella term for various forms of pop music. Arsoniste has an absolutely beautiful vocal tone in this song, but it is as if there is a deep suffering or sadness just below the surface, that is always just present enough to trigger a sort of empathy from the listener. Even still though, "Gravity" seems rooted in warm sense of a desire for a deeper relationship with someone, who remains ambiguous to the listener. I would not call it a romantic song per se, but more of a song of longing perhaps, and though there is a sense of longing and sorrow, I feel as if the song still achieves a subtle happiness, similar to that of hopeful love. Sorry if this description seems like gobbly gook, but this song is giving me the feels...

From a production point, "Gravity," definitely seems to take a more modern approach, and does so very well, and over all sounds beautifully professional. There is a sort of horn synth used as pads which utilize beautiful dynamics throughout the song, to wonderful affect, and though the composition seems to be a more simplistic approach, it always feels full, and never comes across as thin or brittle. I feel as if Arsoniste's vocal does however really carry the song and is wonderfully expressive. The term Artist, is by far the best term to describe Arsoniste as a performer.

Rating 4.8 / 5

As with most of the talent that I review, Arsoniste is a performer to keep an eye and an ear on, and will hopefully see many more great accolades in her career. But please DO NOT TAKE MY WORD for it, as I am just a simple reviewer, please check out the links below and listen to "Gravity," for yourself, so that you can decide if Arsoniste belongs on your favorite playlist.

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