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A Conversation with a Real Irish Rose. "Tia Burke"

Updated: May 11

I have recently had the absolute pleasure to get online with the lovely and very talented, Irish singer/songwriter, "Tia Burke," and ask her a few questions so that she could share a little about her self with our readers.

"First of all, I just want to say what a pleasure it is to get this chance to interview you. Maybe we could start off by having you telling us a little about yourself and of course your musical Journey"

"I started writing from a really early age, but it was more poetry and lyrics that I had not put to music yet. When I went to Secondary School (high school) I started to learn guitar around the age of 13 and it gave me a medium to put these lyrics to songs. I kinda then fell into song writing. I discovered an artist called Aurora and I started covering her music, and I posted a cover of one of her songs on soundcloud, and you were one of the first people who took notice of my music and really supported it. I really appreciate that. Over the years I got more comfortable with my voice and performing through performances at various gigs in Dublin and Festivals around Ireland. Last year I met my bandmates Cillian Deegan (Bass , Guitar ) & Diarmuid Faherty (Drums , Keys) and since then we have been writing and working on music together. They are insanely talented musicians and amazing friends so I’m so glad we work so well together. I had dreamed of playing Electric Picnic , one of the biggest festivals over here for years and finally I got to perform at it last year with my bandmates. Since that we had the opportunity to work with the Irish band Kodaline and I released my first single “Spinning in Circles” in July."

"Could you tell us a little bit about your process when it comes to writing music?"

"I normally record ideas when they come to me on my phone , hence the 1000 voice recordings taking up all the space on my phone! (Also pro tip , always back them up onto something else, don't face the heartbreak of losing them). I'm writing in lots of different ways at the moment. currently I'm going over past recordings from ideas we had in band practice, picking out the best parts and refining the lyrics and making a better structure . Normally I pick up my guitar and hum some melody in gibberish and let the words come to me that way. Other times I have a chorus then build the verses around it. I guess each song is unique to itself in how it is wrote."

"And now of course for the question that every musician gets a thousand times... Who would you say are your biggest or most important musical influences?"

"Music is really interesting to listen to, and so well arranged. PJ Harvey blew my mind the first time I heard Sheela na Gig on the radio. It was so full of grit and power and her style really influenced some of my heavier work. Nick Cave is also a big influence of mine since I was 12, I was the weird kid in primary school for liking his stuff but at 16 I got to get up on stage with him and that was something I'm so grateful for and I'll never forget. The way he spoke to his audience through his music and brought them into his art was life changing to experience beside him."

"Now that you've told us the amazing stories about "Kodaline", and "Nick Cave", are there any artists you would like to work with, be it on stage or in the studio?

I would love to work with "Florence and the machine" or "Aurora"

"Last question, can you tell us anything about any upcoming music or performances that you might have coming up, and any plans you might have for the future?..."

"No performances currently, as we are in lockdown again in Ireland sadly. I am currently writing more material and planning my next releases."

"Any other goals?"

"A Number One Hit! (Laughs)...

I hope to tour sometime when all this is over, and more international gigs as well."

Well that concludes this interview with "Tia Burke." Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us a little bit about yourself, and we are all looking forward to your bright future in the music industry and wish you all the best.

If you would like to check out Tia Burkes new single, "Spinning in Circles", or check her out on social media, please check out the links below

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