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(from music to fashion)

The Legend of Abyss 75

Abyss 75 is a Mi'kmaq owned and operated business based out of Nova Scotia, Canada and its founder Randy Hamilton belongs to the Sipekne'katik band. Abyss 75 actually got its start in November of 2020 as a music blog that wrote specifically about independent artists. Music, culture, and art have always been our passion, and though we are no longer focused on the music industry we definitely feel as if the underground music scene has been huge influence in the style and design of our clothing, and along with incorporating Mi'kmaq culture our designs are like no other ... 

Our Clothing offers bold prints and extremely unique graphic designs that you will not find anywhere else, all while using familiar cuts and fashionable styles that are both comfortable and timeless... Weather you are looking for a design that will have heads turning, or a shirt that will get a laugh,  then your journey has brought you here for a reason. 


Sharing our culture through art is extremely important to us, and we are happy to share our art and culture with anyone despite race culture or creed.


So bring your rebellious spirit, bring your sense of adventure and discovery and join us on a new journey of exploration into style, modern culture, and timeless traditions...

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